City minibus” is a convenient public transport search service and monetization model for local media.

The model is implemented in the form of a website that provides information on the actual movement of local public transport. The site contains background information about local suppliers of goods / services. An additional value of the site is the convenient presentation of news content, which is supplied by local media. Media consumption occurs while waiting for transport and during the trip.

Target audience: community residents and guests who use urban transport.

Implementation of the model in local markets will allow realizing the following model values:


  • introduce an additional service for passengers;
  • load will increase due to reduced waiting time;
  • the number of complaints about the work of the carrier will decrease, since they will not wait for a bus that suddenly broke down;
  • it becomes possible to remotely monitor the timetable and transport on the route.


  • receive additional advertising budgets from local advertisers;
  • receive income from national advertisers;
  • will be able to more effectively use the potential of social networks;
  • there is an opportunity to increase your share in the local advertising market;
  • there is an opportunity to broadcast with a smaller number of staff;
  • decreases dependence on social media policies;
  • there is an opportunity to receive advertising on the network from similar projects;
  • the authority / trust in the media in the society is growing.


  • receive a convenient service for using public transport;
  • the waiting time for transport will be reduced;
  • quick access to the database of local suppliers of goods and services will appear;
  • a platform for media consumption will appear.

A distinctive feature of our service is the use of progressive web app technology. This means that when using the service, you save phone memory and do not install any applications. For ease of use, you can set a link in the form of an icon on the desktop.